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Beware BSNL 4G Express Sim with Free 1 Year Unlimited Data and Calls is a Scam

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BSNL Express 4G SimNo, BSNL not giving free 4G data for 1 year, the offer message is a scam and may contain virus, So do not open the link given.  The message is circulating on Wats App with the heading ‘BSNL is offering free 4G unlimited data and voice calls for a period of one year,’ Please do not click on the link in the message, or forward it to anyone. The hoax message is a huge scam and someone can misuse your personal information. 

Forward this message to your near and dear and make them aware about the Scam. Ever since Reliance Jio offered free 4G services scamsters prey on unsuspecting victims to make some money by tricking the customers with the help of Social Media platforms like Wats App, facebook etc. 


How The message looks like

Look the Screenshot below. If you have received this message in your Wats App account please do not click the link given below.

BSNL Express 4G Sim scam


Check the url in the Picture below

The url on the forwarded message is bsni dot co which is not the url of of BSNL official site. This is enough proof that this message is a SCAM.


 BSNL Express 4G Sim scam

What happens next if you click the link

The message on the screen reads all the information to lure you into the scam. The next screen will then inform you that you need to generate a bar code and verify your address, but in order to proceed you would need to send the invitation to 10 more friends or groups on WhatsApp. After sending the message to 10 groups (the website checks the count and won’t allow you to bluff), the next screen asks you to install an app to verify the mobile number you provided. The message also tells you not to uninstall the app for three days and to allow the website at least 12 hours to verify the app installation. Clicking on the link will take you to the Google Play Store and you would have to install the app from there. Further on, nothing happens and you finally find out that you were duped. Although you did not pay for anything, you have successfully sent the scamster all your details such as name, number and address..


What is the benefit of the Scamsters

The scamster will collect this data and sell the database in the online market, to sales companies and many other services for a hefty sum. Apart from this, the scamster has cleverly designed the website which will also show ads, automatically click on a few links in the background and make you download a few apps. He has also managed to monetise on the ads and apps that get downloaded to your smartphone and is now smiling away to the bank.


These types of scams are not new anymore. But what one needs to know is to be careful with such messages that seem too good to be true. Before hitting on such links, make sure you know the sender. Research online for a similar offer or information to make sure it is genuine. And if you find it fishy, you’d rather ignore or delete the message. Don’t forward such messages to anyone.


Forward this message to all you near and dear ones to make them aware.

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