Carbamide Forte BCAA 5000mg

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About Carbamide Forte BCAA 5000mg

  • ✔ HIGH-QUALITY PHARMA GRADE BCAA: Our BCAA 5000mg is a high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade bcaa powder for men & women that dissolves fast and is absorbed rapidly in the body to provide the best during and post-workout.
  • ✔ PROPER BLEND OF BCAA FOR ENHANCED MUSCULAR PERFORMANCE: Formulated with 5g of BCAA in our bcaa for men & women in the ratio of 2:1:1 of Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine unlike other bcaa pre workout or bcaa eaa supplement for men & women, which helps to improve your muscle performance.
  • ✔ MAINTAINS POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY & ENDURANCE: Amino acids in our BCAA protein powder are essential for making protein in the body which helps in muscle recovery after a workout session and to make it long-lasting.
  • ✔ HELPS IN BUILDING LEAN MUSCLE: Our BCAA powder for men for gym helps to prevent muscle loss to reach its full potential during the workout to build lean muscle.
  • ✔ INCREDIBLE TASTE FOR REFRESHED FEELING: Our BCAA for male & female gym goers comes in two delicious flavors Orange & Watermelon to recharge yourself completely.

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Carbamide Forte BCAA 5000mg
Carbamide Forte BCAA 5000mg
399 1500
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