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Oppo F21s Pro (Starlight Black, 8GB RAM, 128 Storage) with No Cost EMI/Additional Exchange and Discont Offers. In Today’s Offer you can buy the Oppo F21s Pro at Rs. 21,999 but when you pay via ICICI Bank Card you get Flat Rs. 2000 OFF. So, the final price becomes Rs. 19999 only.

About Oppo F21s Pro

It’s the epitome of great looks and super performance. I’m talking about the latest oppo F21s series smartphone this is the F21s pro in the beautiful sunset orange color. While this is the F21s pro 5g in this dazzling rainbow spectrum finish.

I have to tell you that over the predecessors these phones bring a lot of improvement when it comes to the camera the overall performance and of course the design evolution that you get here so without wasting any further time let’s talk in detail about the oppo F21s series. The main highlight of the smartphone is the camera let’s start with the oppo F21s pro at the back you get a 64 MP high resolution camera with a 2 MP depth sensor & 2 MP micro lens that is brilliant.

At the front is where you get the 32 megapixel selfie shooter and this is of course the brand new imx 709 camera sensor which is also the first in the price segment and it to put things in perspective the imx 709 brings the new generation of rgbw which lets in more light into the camera sensor whenever you’re clicking photos or videos and according to the claims the imx 709 is up to 60 i mean it delivers up to 60 percent brighter results than its predecessor now to complement this new sensor there’s hdr support at the front along with a bunch of retouching tools and filters to give you the best selfies in any lighting conditions.

image 9

The details colors skin tone etc look great so actually this is the result of hdr processing and that’s why the output looks so balanced in fact this is the kind of photo that you get when you don’t turn on selfie hdr so clearly the highlights in the background are blown out and the dynamic range goes for a toss but turn on selfie hdr and forget the blown out highlights in selfies.

Besides hdr you can also click cool looking selfies by utilizing the in-built filters in the camera Interface, who needs instagram when you already have such amazing filters right in your phone’s camera now of course the portrait selfies also turn out great from the smartphone. The main reason behind these results is also the clever AI Potrait enhancement or in simple words you can say the clever AI engine of the smartphone that helps a lot in improving the final output however taking it a notch higher are the bokeh flair potrait selfies which simply enhance your skin tone and boost the bokeh effect in the background and this kind of result is basically seen from a professional camera but this phone being able to achieve something like this is marvelous so night and day indoors or outdoors if you want the best portrait selfies then guys this phone is your answer the oppo F21s pro and its flagship grade portrait camera experience.

image 10

Now talking about the rear camera the 64 megapixel main lens is able to click some great looking shots across a variety of lighting conditions. Folks besides you also get oppo’s tried and tested ai scene enhancement which as the name suggests give you a sharper and brighter output with the help of ai and of course you also get hdr photography and bokeh player portrait in the rear camera as well which only enhance the overall camera experience on this smartphone and while i love the overall camera capabilities of the oppo F21s pro i would still like to give a special mention to the 2 megapixel micro lens that you get on the smartphone and this is nothing that i’ve ever seen before. Finally in terms of video recording the oppo F21s pro does a good job of shooting footage with utmost clarity along with optimally adjusted brightness and color be at the front or the rear rest assured that the camera always tries to keep the exposure levels in check all while maintaining a smooth video operation frame to frame and that was all about the camera of the brand new oppo F21s pro and now it’s time to shed some light on the camera of the F21s pro 5g as well so again you get three lenses at the back a 64 megapixel main camera paired with a couple of 2 megapixel macro and depth sensors at the front is a 16 megapixel camera for selfies now just like the F21s pro the 64 megapixel camera of the F21s pro 5g also delivers some great looking shots and i also got to see a very similar approach to the colors in photos thanks to the same dna both the phones share but yes testing out this camera system again both features that is hdr photography and aic enhancement they are present here as well by the way i have been clicking most of the photos with both features turned on and so far oppo’s ai technology hasn’t disappointed me so that is great apart from this i think i can never have enough of bokeh player portrait photos and similar to the F21s pro the results from the F21s pro 5g are also brilliant so a great show there as well and finally in terms of video recording again i did not have any complaints be it in terms of detail color reproduction or a dynamic range stabilization in videos was also decent now i will give a special shout out to ual view video that lets you simultaneously record two streams of video from both the front and rear camera.

I think it’s a cool feature especially if you are a video blogger i think you’re going to have a blast with this one in a nutshell if you saw all the photos and videos then you know how fabulous the flagship portrait camera system is on the latest oppo F21s pro and the F21s pro 5g and so if you re someone who loves taking stylish selfies sharp videos and better overall photos in that case i’m sure that you’ll really appreciate the latest oppo F21s smartphones.

image 11

Now let’s shift our focus and talk about the design and this year round gone are the curves and what you get is this boxy treatment on both the oppo F21s pro and the F21s pro 5g that the company calls ultra slim retro design now the phones are indeed slim and light the f 21 pro is only about 7.54 millimeters thick and 175 grams in weight while the F21s pro 5g is about 7.55 millimeters thick and 173 grams in weight now both phones offer great ergonomics in fact the tall form factor combined with the boxy design and the lightweight construction actually makes for a reassuring grip and even so many people think that phones with curved backs are easy to maneuver but trust me because of the slim form factor the handling of both these devices is superb and of course the looks are edgy and as for the retro bit well retro or new one thing i’m sure of is that the looks of both these smartphones is definitely going to resonate with all kind of people out there so for the oppo F21s pro the company has gone for this industry first fiber glass leather design and open glow design that you see here on the sunset orange finish and to make this possible the company has given a six time coating and baking process with the result being this extremely smooth to the touch rear panel which is also very durable and then other imitation leather finishes and by the way just taking a moment to appreciate the fact that not just these fce smartphones but oppo as a brand has been making some gorgeous looking devices with industry leading design and just when we think that they have done it all well they come up with something new in this case the sunset orange color of the f-21 pro.

Now fans of pure oppo glow technology well the F21s pro also comes in the cosmic black shade and that one is one a stealthy looking finish as for the oppo F21s pro 5g well of course you get this phone in the cosmic black shade as well but this rainbow spectrum finish that i have with me this one gets oppo glow technology along with three layer texture and two layer coating to create this absolutely mesmerizing finish that’s a sight to behold as you can see these layers create an iridescent and prismatic effect on the back panel it’s smooth to the touch does a abulous job of hiding the fingerprints and of course looks dazzling now just a moment ago i mentioned how oppo outdoes itself every time well in this case the F21s pro 5g also comes with this unique finish and so it’s not just the F21s pro but also the F21s pro 5g that has this completely different look and feel attached to it i mean at this stage i just wonder what does oppo have in store for us in the future anyway let’s move on now apart from the design and finish both phones are visually identical from the front but from the back is where you differentiate between the two as the F21s pro features a metallic camera is land for the lenses while the F21s pro 5g simply features a protruding lenses on the flat rear panel which looks elegant on to the front both the oppo F21s pro and the oppo F21s pro 5g features 6.4 inches amoled displays that look absolutely gorgeous there’s of course white wine certification for watching full hd videos on ott platforms but even apart from watching videos or movies playing games is also a treat on both the oppo F21s series smartphones speaking of which powering the oppo F21s pro is the snapdragon 680 6 nanometer mobile platform while the F21s pro 5g is powered by the snapdragon 695 5g mobile platform ram and storage are standard at 8 gb and 128 gb respectively so a single variation offer avoids confusion while buying and i think this is a solid move additionally you’re also getting expandable storage options along with virtual ram expansion to up to 5gb on both smartphones.

This gives more versatility to users especially those who like to add additional ram for gaming or performance purposes so performance wise both phones have been pretty solid and were able to handle day to day tasks with ease even while playing heavy titles such as call of duty mobile and asphalt 9 legends both the phones did not break a sweat and i feel they do a solid job in their price segment apart from this both the F21s phones feature a 4500 mah battery under the hood and with medium to heavy usage both the F21s pro and the F21s pro 5g easily lasted me a day on a single charge not to mention with light use i was even hitting one and a half days of endurance so that is great moreover a full charge takes about an hour with the help of the supplied 33 watt super book charger so there is that oppo’s charging and battery optimization has always been very good very decent and the F21s series also gets those features so full marks in this department moving on in terms of software there’s color os 12 on both smartphones and at this stage i think you already know my love for the latest iteration of color os as seen in my recent oppo videos but to keep it short color os 12 brings this inclusive design anguage that’s intuitive to use and it’s easy to get around with the 3d icons look great and of course there are a ton of great features like emoji smart sidebar flexible windows super focus on privacy and of course the new personalization features so yes on the whole color os 12 has been pretty familiar and a joy to use and that’s about it for my review of the oppo F21s pro and the F21s pro 5g i think both of these are fantastic smartphones that looks trendy of course they feel great in the hand and you also can’t forget about the flagship portrait camera system that you get on both these smartphones so basically if you’re on the fence to buy a solid all-around mid-range smartphone that’s got the looks and performs great i would say go for the oppo F21s pro however if you need all of the things i just mentioned plus 5g then of course go for the oppo F21s pro 5g but yes overall a solid phones can’t go wrong with either of them the price of the oppo F21s pro is set at 21999 rupees.

  • 6.43″ inch (16.33cm) FHD+ AMOLED Punch-hole Display with 2400×1080 pixels. Large Screen to Body ratio of 90.8%
  • Ultra-slim Retro Design with Orbit Light for Notifications
  • AI Triple Camera setup – 64MP + 2MP + 2MP with microlens| 32MP Front Camera with Flagship Sony IMX709 Sensor
  • Big 4500 mAh Battery with 33W SUPERVOOC Charging
  • Memory, Storage & SIM: 8 GB RAM (+ RAM expansion up to 5GB) | 128 GB ROM | Expandable Upto 1TB | SIM 1 + SIM 2+ Micro SD

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Deal on Oppo F21s Pro – Get Extra Rs. 2000 OFF
Deal on Oppo F21s Pro – Get Extra Rs. 2000 OFF
19999 27999
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