The Man Company Coffee Face Serum with Coffee Arabica

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The Man Company Coffee Face Serum with Coffee Arabica, Hyaluronic Acid Green Tea Extract & Vitamin E for Tan Removal | Glowing & Brightening Skin | Soft, Smooth & Supple | All Skin Types – 30ml

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  • Antioxidant-Rich, Sun Protection, Hydration: Get hydrated pores and skin with The Man Company Coffee Face Serum. This antioxidant-rich face serum is your one-stop answer for pores and skin hydration. The serum will shield your pores and skin towards dangerous UV rays from the sun. Perk up your pores and skin with the Coffee infused face serum before you head out.
  • Pure Arabica Coffee-Infused Face Serum: The serum exudes Coffee and its benefits. Known for being antioxidant-rich, Coffee fights free radicals and stops fine lines. However, Coffee is likewise an herbal supply of Caffeine, which tones the skin. Coffee additionally soothes and offers a skin brightening. The aroma of freshly grounded Arabica coffee will preserve you revived all day!
  • Unisex Product, Powerful Ingredients: Along with Coffee, Vitamin E in the serum protects the face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Hyaluronic Acid makes your skin hydrated and adds healthy nourishment to it. It makes your skin moisturized and radiant
  • Why Do You Want Face Serum? A serum can provide potent actives directly into the pores and skin. Since it has smaller molecules than creams or lotions the pores and skin can take in the actives higher and enables to control unique pores and skin issues. Lightweight, so it lets in the pores and skin to breathe and offers the pores and skin a soft, supple, velvety texture. Always apply it earlier than your moisturizer or sunscreen
  • HOW TO USE: Wash your face thoroughly to remove any dirt & excess oil. Take 4-5 drops of coffee serum, apply it on your face. Make sure to get all important parts like the side of nose and below the chin. Massage gently till serum is completely absorbed

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The Man Company Coffee Face Serum with Coffee Arabica
The Man Company Coffee Face Serum with Coffee Arabica
149 499
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