Street Fight between Indian Cricketer Prithvi Shaw vs Influencer Sapna Gill

In a latest kink to the selfie controversy involving the talented Prithvi Shaw in Mumbai, a lady has claimed that she was physically attacked by the said cricketer and his friends. Sapna Gill, who also goes by the name Sana, was among the 8 individuals who were apprehended by the Oshiwara Police in Mumbai. Ms. Gill alleged that Mr. Shaw was wielding a stick when he and his companions attacked her.

Check this twitter video :

As per Sapna Gill’s counsel, Ali Kashif Khan, the police are declining to let her undergo medical examinations, and she is currently stationed at the Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai. “Sapna was attacked by Prithvi. He was carrying a stick, which was plainly visible. His friends attacked our group first. Sapna is now at the Oshiwara Police Station. The police are not allowing her to receive medical attention,” said Mr. Khan.

The Oshiwara Police have booked 8 people, including Sapna Gill, for damaging the vehicle of Mr. Prithvi Shaw’s friend, Ashish Surendra Yadav, outside a five-star hotel in Mumbai. This was in response to Mr. Yadav filing a police complaint against them. The brawl broke out after Sapna Gill and her friend Shobhit Thakur requested to take selfies with the Indian cricketer while he was having dinner with his friend.

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