Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste 

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About Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste 

Revolutionize your oral care routine with Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste. Dive into the excellence of this fluoride-free toothpaste, presented in a 500g pack (2 x 200g + 1 x 100g) that’s perfect for your entire family. Step into the world of holistic oral and gum care, free from added Fluoride, Paraben, Triclosan, and Formalin.


  • Nature’s Finest: Crafted with pure and rare Miswak extract, derived from the revered Miswak herb (Salvadora Persica), known as the Toothbrush Tree. This natural marvel has been a trusted oral care companion for generations, ensuring your family’s dental safety.
  • Ayurvedic A3 Protection: Scientifically enriched with Miswak extract, this toothpaste delivers a triple-action shield:
  • Antibacterial: Shields your teeth against harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Safeguards gums and oral cavities from inflammation.
  • Astringent: Firms your gum grip, ensuring overall gum health.
  • Complete Oral Care: Embrace a comprehensive oral health shield with Dabur Meswak:
  • Tartar & Plaque Fighter: Combat stubborn tartar and plaque build-up.
  • Cavity Defender: Fortify your teeth against decay, ensuring lasting protection.
  • Bacteria & Germ Combatant: Fights off unwelcome germs and bacteria.
  • Gingival Guardian: Upholds gum health, ensuring a healthy smile.
  • Odor Neutralizer: Eliminates unpleasant malodors, leaving you with a refreshing breath.

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Experience the Difference:
What sets Dabur Meswak apart is its phenomenal mouthfeel, a unique signature treasured by its loyal users. It’s not just a toothpaste; it’s an experience that champions oral health while providing a refreshing sensation.

Elevate your dental care routine with Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste. Embrace the potency of Miswak extract, Ayurvedic A3 Protection, and the assurance of complete oral health in every brush.

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Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste 
Dabur Meswak Complete Oral Care Toothpaste 
₹177 ₹283
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