PUJI Super Absorbent Bathroom Mat

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About PUJI Super Absorbent Bathroom Mat

  • 4 layers of water permeable fabric: nappa leather top layer, absorbent and breathable layer, memory foam layer, non-slip natural rubber sole. 5 seconds of rapid water infiltration, will not accumulate water, provide a comfortable foot feeling, non-slip and wear-resistant.
  • Double-sided non-slip rubber bottom: Do you want a non-slip floor mat? To eliminate the risk of slipping, the PUJI bathroom mat has a soft non-slip rubber bottom that excludes the air between the mat and the floor, creating air pressure that better adsorbs to the floor and won’t let you slip after a fresh shower.
  • Soft and easy to clean: Machine wash or brush. Is this bath mat easy to clean? Machine wash in cold water and mild detergent. Do not use chlorine or bleach. Tumble dry on low or hang dry. Colors will not fade. No matter how many times you wash and dry, the colors will stay beautiful and vibrant for years to come!
  • Fast water absorption without mold: bathroom door mat material is soft, the surface layer of strong water absorption, no water droplets exist within 5 seconds, the surface dries quickly, and we use breathable materials, the bottom is not moldy.
  • Wide range of uses: bathroom slide carpet for shower or bathtub, indoor door mat, bathroom floor mat, bedroom foot mat, housewarming gift, gift for friends or colleagues.

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PUJI Super Absorbent Bathroom Mat
PUJI Super Absorbent Bathroom Mat
299 799
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