Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online on Amazon at Rs. 169 only. One of the best product for gifting on any occasion.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online

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About Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online


Do you Know the following 8 Things About Tibetan Prayer Flags

5 Colours

The red, blue, yellow, white and green buddhist prayer flags represent elements like air, fire, water and earth. White symbolises air, red is fire. Green is water, yellow is earth, and blue is wind. They also represent directions – North, South, East, West and Center.

Meaning of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’

Om- The sacred syllable

Mani- Jewel

Padme – Lotus

Hum – Spirit of enlightenment

This mantra does not have one particular meaning. It’s a combination of values like compassion, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation and wisdom. It is said that if you recite the mantra during meditation, it can cure pride, jealousy, ignorance, greed and aggression.

Do you know that Buddhist prayer flags should never be still

The reason why they are put high above the roof is so that they flutter in the wind. It is said that they emit positive spiritual vibrations and that the prayers are carried by the wind like silent prayers.

It is considered as a good omen to receive Tibetan prayer flags as a gift

Getting prayer flags as a gift from someone and not buying them is how you should acquire a prayer flag. Therefore, telling a friend who visits Leh-Ladakh to get you prayer flags is the right thing to do.

2 kinds of flags – horizontal and vertical

The horizontal ones are called Lung Dar and the vertical ones are Dar Cho

The Flags should never be kept on the ground

It is considered disrespectful if the Buddhist prayer flags touch the ground. Therefore, they should always been hung at a height. Around the frame of the doorway is considered the right place to put the flags.

When Colour fades from the flags, it is considered auspicious

This means that the prayers were carried by the breeze – fading colours are a sign of it. Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online for home or car.

Right time to put up a flag is during the Chinese New Year

And if you gather your family and well-wishers while doing so, the flags then are said to have a positive impact on your life.

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Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online
Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags buy online
Rs. 169 Rs. 299
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