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Rs 2000 can light a Bulb - Is it True

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Light a bulb with Rs 2000 noteA video on You tube shows that Rs 2000 note can light a bulb. All you have to do is keep the Rs 2000 note under Sun for 30 seconds and then connect it with the green strip on both ends and Voila! the bulb ignites. This is what the video getting Viral on you tube is representing.

Is it Possible that something like a Solar Panel can be hidden inside a note. No it's not possible at least with this Rs 2000 note. The video is a Prank or it is only made to get more You tube views and earn from the adverts - Share on Facebook


What is the Green Strip on Rs 2000 made of

The Green Strip which is also very shiny is made of Nobel Wire which is a form of Metal. This wire does not react with the Paper or Environment so that the durability of the note can be maintained. 

Secret Magnetic Strip of Rs 2000 note


Check out the Screenshot of the Video below

In this video the guy claims that Rs 2000 note can light a bulb. Just keep the Rs 2000 note under Sun for 30 seconds and then connect it with the green strip on both ends to light the bulb. This is totally false claim and this video is not more than a Prank. So guys please don't waste your time connecting wires to the green strip.


 Rs 2000 note

10 things you must know about Rs 2000 note

1. The new notes will be of the size 66mm X 166mm, smaller than the old notes, and will be available in a magenta base colour.


2. The new note will feature a see-through register with denominational numeral 2,000, which will be visible when the currency is held against light.


3. The denominational numeral 2,000 will be written in the Devnagari script and, in micro letters, RBI and 2,000 on the left side of the banknote


4. There will be a windowed security thread with the inscriptions ‘Bharat’ (in Devnagari), RBI and 2,000 on banknotes with colour shift. The colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.


5. There will be a ashoka pillar emblem to the right of the Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype (2000) watermarks. It will also have seven bleed lines and a rectangle as an identifying shape; as per the RBI guidelines, these are the identification and salient features for the visually impaired.


6. The new denomination will see the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre.


7. The guarantee clause, governor's signature with promise clause and RBI emblem have been shifted to the right in the new notes, with the portrait and electrotype watermarks appearing right next to them.


8. To celebrate India's Mars mission, the notes will carry an image of the Mangalyaan, depicting the country's first venture into interplanetary space, and the logo and tagline of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The reverse side features a motif of the Mars Orbiter Mission.


9. There will also be a latent image with the denomination numeral that would be visible when the note is held at a 45-degree angle at eye level.


10. According to sources, the security features of the Rs 2,000 note include latent images, coloured strip security threads and watermarks. The RBI denied the rumours of the notes being embedded with a nano GPS chip, which would have helped locate the position of the currency via a satellite.


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